Chapter 14. All three: Eiffel, Python, and Haskell together

Table of Contents
Build problems with the multilanguage regression_test
Sample program regression_test, in three languages
The poly_regression sample program, mixing all three target languages

Using our glue tools and the libraries to support them, all three target languages can be combined into a single executable, leveraging the strengths of each language. However, the compilers for each are not designed to work well for each other, so the final build must be massaged for proper results.


We have come a long way in the exploration of multilanguage programming, and through a series of twists and turns have gotten Eiffel to talk to Python and Haskell--but never at the same time. Our final sample program in the ePolyglot project finishes what we started last chapter, by adding Python's file and text processing facilities to read a series of paired numbers from a file, and pass the resultant arrays of numbers into Eiffel, which will call Haskell to perform numerical analysis on them.