Chapter 5. Requirements

The tools used in this study had the following revision numbers:

Table 5-1. Version numbers for tools used in ePolyglot

SmallEiffelVersion -0.77, from the RPM package SmallEiffel-1.23.1-3mdk.rpm
SWIG, Eric Beazley's Simplified Wrapper Interface Generater1.2a1
Eiffel-SWIG, by Alex Cozzifor-SWIG1.2a1
GCC (C compiler)2.95-2
glibc (standard C library)2.1.3-15
GHC, the Glasgow Haskell Compiler4.06, from the ghc-4.06-3mdk.rpm rpm
Python1.5.2, from the python-1.5.2-7.rpm rpm